Monday, April 28, 2008


...the disappearing act a few loyal readers are wondering about. Shantanu left a comment as well berating me for not having visited his blog recently and I thought the reply deserved a post in itself since there was a larger issue to address.

A year or so ago, I indulged in life so much, I started worrying about what I was taking back from those indulgences, most of the times it was indulgence for it's own sake. That's how this blog came about so that I could put in for posterity something about those experiences. I didn't really intend any readership, nor did I encourage one (at least not actively).

So why did I stop posting? Firstly, I have become a lot more involved in work at work, and that leaves me no time for personal pursuits while I am at work :-). Secondly, I have started indulging in life even more such that I don't have any personal time left to report them. Nor for my erstwhile daily online activities like mailing, social networking, reading blogs, etc. I am going out more, eating more, watching more, living more and time seems short for even that. I hope I can find a middle path but for the moment chances look bleak.

In conclusion, I am not going to stop posting, but I wouldn't depend on it's regularity.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Bourne Trilogy

I watched the Bourne trilogy (Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum) back to back yesterday. Fast paced action, slick direction, a tight script and it was 5 hours of sheer adrenalin. I could notice myself do everything faster for the next five hours.

The movies deviate a lot from the books but do not take away from the spirit in any way. They provide what Ludlum always wanted to in his books. Edge of the seat entertainment.

He wrote only three of these but two more of the Bourne series (Legacy and Betrayal) have been published posthumously. Legacy seems to be in pre-production and might just make it to the silver screen!

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Acidity and Coffee

I just can't figure out the connection and popular perception goes the other way but while suffering from heavy acidity, a cup of coffee helps me counter it instantly.

On the other hand, drinking tea immediately after a few hours of this bout brings acidity back instantly.

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